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re: Town of Salem


So i started playing a free game called Town of Salem its actually pretty fun to play. If you have ever played the game Werewolf before it is very similar

To give a short ideaa of what the game there is two modes Classic and Custom

Classic is the orignial game mode it has a set list of roles that don't change 

Classis lets one person be the host and they choose the roles, if they suck you can do /repick and get a new one


The roles are broken into three groups Good Neutral Evil and mafia

Good roles are the town people they have roles such as bodyguard spy Jailor

Neutral roles are roles are ones that can win with any team they are amnesiac witch and a few others

Evil roles have to win by themselves they are Sk Arsonist and a few others

Mafia is like towny but they are bad they have many roles but the main few are Godfather and mafioso 



The game is played by you picking a name and then you get a role. Your role will be on the top right of your screen and it will tell you it does and what you can do. but the kick is unless your mafia you don't know anyone elses roles so its a big guessing game. So i will use spy for an example role. Someone who is a spy can hear any private message that is sent and at night they can read what mafia types. Most roles like spy usually use their death will which is at the top of the screen to leave everyone a note on who is bad and good. THe game ends when the requirements are reached for a roles victory so Spy wins when all bad roles are beaten so mafia and evil must be dead. 

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